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SISSA Algebraic Geometry Seminar 2023–2024

This is the webpage of the SISSA Algebraic Geometry Seminar. This fall, we run a reading seminar on Deformation Theory with a view towards moduli spaces of sheaves and Quot schemes. We meet every Monday at 16:00 in Dubrovin Lecture room 136. Talks are up to 90 minutes long. Here is an outline of the program.

Detailed schedule

Things I (co)organised

Quiver Representations, Quiver Varieties and Combinatorics, a summer school at Università di Bologna (22–26 May 2023).
Refined invariants in moduli theory, an algebraic geometry conference in Trieste (2–5 May, 2023).
Moduli spaces: theory and coding, algebraic geometry conference in Les Diablerets (27 Feb 2023 – 3 Mar 2023).

Past local seminars at SISSA

• Reading seminar on Geometric invariant theory (Spring 2023).
• Reading seminar on Bridgeland stability conditions (Fall 2022).
• Units-SISSA Algebraic Geometry seminar (2020–2021).